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Open laptop sitting on desk displaying Intrevent event planning software scheduling screen.


Event management evolves with a smarter planning platform


Event management startup Intrevent, Inc. was on a mission to create a platform to unify all scheduling, communication, payment, and other organizing functions into a single, time-saving tool

Since one change can affect every part of an event plan, Intrevent needed a solution sophisticated enough to track, adjust for, and communicate all the consequences of any given alteration, quickly and accurately


Completed Intrevent platform gives planners the confidence to manage even the most jam-packed event calendars

The innovative web app now helps solve important logistical problems daily for large, event-driven organizations, such as the University of Oregon’s Office of Stewardship and Donor Services


Keeping up with the times

Event management is a stressful plate-spinning act, and technological advancements have done little to simplify the process. Intrevent, Inc., set out to give event managers a better way to coordinate the many moving parts involved in creating memorable experiences for their clients. Intrevent envisioned a solution that would empower planners to combine, coordinate, and communicate all aspects of event management from one platform, anytime, anywhere. They asked us to help make it a reality.


Reimagining project management software

In our collaboration with Intrevent, we consulted with event management professionals to understand how they had cobbled together different tools to meet their planning needs, with a special focus on how the disjointedness of these programs could lead to inefficiencies and potential errors. Then, we built an integrated management tool designed to better meet their needs, submitted it to them for testing, and harnessed their feedback to fine-tune our new platform.


Condensing the command center

Streamlined management system unites all critical event elements in one web app, putting team, task, vendor, and venue management at the planner’s fingertips.


Plan, rinse, repeat

Flexible templates let planners quickly replicate past project structures or build new ones so they can hit the ground running.

Praise from our clients:

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Event planners need a solution that’s part scheduling app, part project management software – and part octopus. Twenty Ideas created a comprehensive and thoughtfully designed platform that brings simplicity and sanity to the complex and dynamic event management process.

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Fred Proust

Intrevent, Inc., CEO

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The infrastructure they implemented performs complicated feats of organization while managing to make it look easy. The technical and aesthetic designs are spot-on.

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Chris Sjoblom

Intervent, Inc., Co-Founder

Featured technologies

UX and UI images

UX/UI Design

  • User Flow Mapping & Information Architecture via ERD
  • Wireframes & Visual Design
  • Clickable Prototype and User Testing
Vue.js logo


  • Realtime capabilities via web sockets
  • Responsive web for mobile support
  • Complex workflow orchestration
TypeScript and Node.js logos

TypeScript & Node.js

  • Realtime updates with web sockets
  • Redis
  • Scalable backend
AWS logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Containerized with Docker
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Multiple availability zones (multi-AZ)

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